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Dehra Mineral Corporation and its range of products have always been associated with high quality and standard. We provide various types of calcium minerals like Quick Lime, Hydrated Lime, Lime Stone & Calcium Carbonate. Besides, we also deal in high quality calcium oxide (quick lime, un-slaked lime chunna), calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime, slaked lime), and building lime and so on. Our products are extensively used in various sectors such as sugar industry, paper industry, steel industry, petroleum refining industry, chemical industry, water and sewage treatment, leather industry etc. Our products are accessible with an assurance of high purity and performance. We take utmost measure to ensure that the range of lime we supply in the market is free from Fe and Mg impurities.

Further, the raw materials for the production of these products are sourced from the best mining industries of Bihar and Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, we use highly advanced and contemporary techniques for production, purification and other processing work so as to ensure the quality of our products. Apart from this, we also take care for safe and secure delivery of these chemicals at a brisk pace.

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